Connect with the right investment to develop your project. Access a program that ensures fair community benefits and safeguards Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Organisations can find support for nature or carbon projects they want to develop with a community. Accessing the Nakau Programme through Nakau Nature Connect also reduces the time for project development and increases the quality of a carbon project.

Partners gain full access to the methodologies, tools and support systems for project development. 

Each partner also brings their own unique skills and approaches that strengthens our knowledge and learning.

Partners can become licensed to operate under the Nakau Programme and develop projects in locations or with communities they have a strong relationship with.

Partners follow the Nakau Programme, including participatory co-design, good governance, FPIC and fair benefit sharing. But partners can incorporate their own approaches too.

Nakau provides an additional layer of quality assurance so all partners and projects follow ethical development standards.

Spotlight partner: Natural Resources Development Foundation (NRDF)

NRDF is an independent NGO based in the Solomon Islands who became a Nakau partner in 2012. With access to the Nakau Programme’s methodology, tools and systems, NRDF set out to develop a forest carbon project with the Sirebe Tribe on Choiseul.

The Sirebe Tribe, under the Babatana Rainforest Conservation Project, became the first Solomon Islands tribe to start trading on the voluntary carbon market, giving the community much-needed income and giving NRDF sustainable finance to projects for the next 30 years.

With the Nakau Programme, a percentage of carbon credit sales go to local partner organisations like NRDF, which allows them to reduce their dependence on donors. NRDF are now expanding the project in Choiseul to include more tribes and protect more rainforests.