Connect your investment with nature-based solutions and high-integrity carbon projects. Participate in a rapidly growing market while supporting genuine relationships with communities.

As an impact investor or donor you will support new projects that are developed using the Nakau Programme approach. These projects suit investors with corporate social responsibility and nature-positive goals, and donors seeking climate resilience outcomes.

Nakau builds resilient financial and social outcomes by blending private sector investment with donor funding.

We understand the need to maximise development investment and support sustainable projects with long-term benefits. This is why the Nakau Programme works within a blended finance business model, leveraging both donor backing and private sector investment.

Investors can expect a return, with safeguards in place that ensure the distribution of revenue is fair and communities are the first to benefit.

Working with our donors is also critical for contributing to Sustainable Development Goals and addressing our shared climate and nature crises with nature-based solutions.

Spotlight donor: European Commission

The European Commission (EU) made the first significant investment in the Nakau Programme in 2010. The EU grant allowed Nakau to pilot our first two carbon projects, one in Vanuatu and one in Fiji. The investment also enabled the design of methodologies and tools, which are now available for all projects.

The projects supported by the EU have flourished and generated private sector revenue from credit sales, considerably exceeding the original EU investment. More than 80% of revenue has also been returned to Fiji and Vanuatu.